How to start a blog in 2022 and make money online (step by step guide)

How to start a Blog

Want to start a blog and make passive income?

Good decision,

It’s the best decision for my life to start a blog

Do you want to make passive income and it does not matter how passionate you are about your life, I can guarantee that one day you will live like a boss, you will have a full flagger blog and running. But first, starting a blog is not complicated to all, allow me to address all you need some guidance, it helps to you how to start a blog and make money online

Let’s get started

how to start a blog in 2022 to make money For your Business 

I always prefer you 2021

 is the golden era to start a blog, there are some life-changing reasons why you start a blog today,

Here are my top five reasons why I start Blogging,

  1. Express yourself- if you are dedicated to your professional blogging is a platform that expresses yourself by writing some knowledgeable articles for your audience
  2. Develop your career- Building a Blog is a great way to increase our credibility, it can help you to reward more employment and also build more business opportunities.
  3. Make passive income- yes, you can make passive income by using your Blog, By doing affiliate marketing have the potential to achieve a financial freedom journey.
  4. Work anytime and anywhere- I know to be a more successful blogger than not having enough time but they manage to make plenty of money every month by blogging.
  5. You can help others and build your network- you can help the readers to achieve their goals by giving knowledgeable content, it will immediately positively impact your professional journey.

I think you got an idea why I am starting blogging 

Are you ready for the First Step?

If yes Let’s dive in and change your Life,

how to start a blog in2022 to make money easily : The perfect Why to do It

Here are five important steps for every blogger who wants to apply there in Blogging Career.

Step 1: Choose a Perfect Niche for starting a blog

Perfect Niche for starting a blog
Choosing a perfect niche

starting a blog is the most important step every newbie blogger is stuck in.

The niche you decide on can make a profit for your blogging business.

You are also passionate about your niche. Did you know 99% of bloggers quit their journey within six months because they are not passionate about the niche that they choose?

Choosing a niche is very important if you don’t want to quit your journey.

Are you still confused?

The first way you can choose a core market, for example, you can choose: wealth, health, and relationship.

I know what are you thinking 

‘Only these are three options

My answer is ‘yes’ for initial 

But remember every core market has an infinite number of submarket niches and micro-niches.

What are submarkets?

A submarket is a type of market that is narrower than the total market. For example, if you are selling men’s shoes, your submarket could be “men’s dress shoes.” This allows you to focus your marketing efforts more narrowly on customers who are most likely to buy your product, rather than trying to appeal to the entire population.

how to start a blog from scratch and What are profitable niches?

how to start a blog from scratch and What are profitable niches?
Find a profitable niche

So you’ve decided to start a blog, but don’t know what niche your blog should be in? Discover profitable niches for your blog so that you can target the right audience.

Let’s say you select the health niches, but you know that this is a very broad niche, 

You can promote sub-niche for low competition for example you can promote only dental health or mental health for example.

How to start a blog in 2022: find profitable micro niches?

To find a niche we should see that can you make money from that niche, they can have enough affiliate programs to make money. We also found that we have enough keywords for that niche.

We have also examples for dental health Micro niches

For example

Dental health services for kids

Health tips for students

Health tips for women

Health tips for eyes

I think you can find the perfect niche for your business if you can’t find the perfect niche follow these steps to find the perfect niche.

  1. Paper and pen to write the perfect niche 
  2. Write the interest and passion about (more than three) fount on your list.
  3. Found that you can have enough affiliates for your interest.
  4. Great, you are good to Go for the next step.

Step:2 how to start a blog to find a good domain name for your website

how to start a blog | find a good domain name for your website
Find A Good Domain name

Select a good domain is not so much thought and you can easily select your high-quality domain name if you have already chosen your domain name you can skip these steps,

When I started my blogging career I wasted a lot of money buying a premium domain, but they do not look brandable. I also buy 12+ domains for my blog but any domain name is not looking brandable.

If you follow me step by step to build a blog you can easily make a high-quality blog with less paying money.

Keep short domain- I recommend you try to keep your domain short and simple, you can choose your domain as you can remember.

(John morrow change the domain name to Boostblogtraffic to smart blog) 

Use keyword- you can choose your domain to target your focus keyword, it can help you with the SEO factor.

Don’t use the name- don’t use numbers in your domain name because it can’t remain easy for everyone.

Always use TLD Domain extension- I always recommend you to use TLD Domain extension to easily find brandable domain names Globally.

If you are not able to find the best domain name you can use the lean domain tool to find the best domain name for your business.

how to start a blog and Which blog platform are you using for blogging?

There are a lot of blogging platforms you use for a blog but in my opinion, go to WordPress.

Step:3 how to start a blog : Picking a good hosting for blogging for beginners

how to start a blog | Picking a good hosting for blogging for beginners
Picking a Good Hosting

Domain name: domain name is the name of the website, the reader’s type in the browser,

For example:

  1. HTTPS://(Hypertext Transfer Protocols)
  2. www (subdomain)
  3. Guidevictory (Domain name)
  4. .com(The Top Level Domain).

Web Hosting: To build a blog you need good web hosting and domain, in which the server stays 24*7 online for your blog post, images, and all your future blog posts will be stored in this server(hosting).

Your website is running 24*7 for the help of hosting.

Now you think which web WordPress hosting is the best for your Blog,

There is so much web hosting there you can choose to start your blog, the best thing is hosting is cheap.

So there are so many web hosting but I recommended with to go for the Blue Host,


Blue host is the no,1 hosting for beginners by pricing, and I honestly have the personnel experience by their support system is fantastic and so reliable,

blue host
Blue host

Blue host prove you everything to feature to create your blog, features be like,  

  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • The free domain name (Saving of $12/year)
  • Easy to use cPanel.
  • Live chat support
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

And the best part is it only 2.95$/month 

blue host plan

Congratulations you have successfully purchased your hosting, here is the cool part once you are done buying your hosting automatically WordPress software will be an installer in your domain name.

Now let’s move and start setup your blog in WordPress,

Step 4: how to start a blog setup for your WordPress blog 

how to start a blog setup for your WordPress blog 
Setup WordPress Blog

The best thing about the Blue host is that it will install WordPress by your domain name automatically for you, however, if you are not done you can read our full blog on how to set up your first WordPress blog.

If you want to complete setup your WordPress site, remember this URL or bookmark for it,

Step 5: choose an attention-grabbing design for promote your blog

choose your WordPress theme

Blog platform? Check 

Domain name? Check

Good hosting? Check

Blog niche? Check 

After installing WordPress attention-grabbing theme is most important to grab more impressing for your blog post,

The first impression is the last impression, that mantra is applying for your blog.

Good design is most important if you want visitors to like your blog, in the blog field design is so important, if you don’t have a good design you may lose so many visitors for your blog.

In WordPress, the concept is called WordPress theme, there are so many designs for all types of bloggers.

There are so many free and premium themes out there, I always recommend you go to premium themes because you will get all types of starter guides and support for your blog, and moreover you want, and you will also get the quality design for your Blog.

So which theme you can use, I would recommend you to start with.

Astra theme: Astra is one of the lightest these provide the templates for all kinds of blogs,

Astra theme

Is the lightest theme (under 50kb) and loads your website fast, once you install these themes they will prove you the readymade template and with the help of these templates your Blog will be set up within 30-45min easily, it is the perfect choice for all WordPress bloggers.

Astra theme
Generate press

Generate press: generate press is one of the best themes out there, it is the lightest theme under 50KB and loads your website faster than you think.

And many pro bloggers use these themes because they can easily design and it can be suitable for you,

Step 6: Some essential WordPress plugins 

Important WordPress plugins

Without plugins, WordPress is nothing because plugging is necessary to optimize your content SEO friendly, speed, and many more. There are lots of plugins in WordPress but will recommend those plugins that you can install on day one.

Elementor or Thrive architect: these are my favorite page builders on WordPress, these plugins make your dream website only using the drag and drop method, these are very lightweight and very easy to use.

Rank maths SEO: SEO is important to rank your website and drive the major traffic to your blog, rank math is the new SEO tool and it become the favorite of any pro blogger, many bloggers suggest using Yoast but I don’t recommend you to use Yoast because they don’t have many features as compare to rank math plugin.

Thrive leads: if you want to collect emails and drive more and more visitors to your website, it helps to pop up lightbox, screen filter, content lock, and more.

I theme security: security is the no.1 priority to your website, sometimes so many hackers try to hack your website, so the plugin helps to protect your entire website, use this plugin to make your website safer.

Anti-spam: sometimes many visitors make spam comments to your post, this plugin helps if someone tries to comment on your post, and it looks like spam so it removes spam common automatically.

Wp rocket: you already know speed is one of the important factors in SEO and rank on google, and wp rocket helps to optimize your full website automatically and make it faster. I really recommend you to buy this plugin if you want to make the website faster automatically. if you write an article that has a lot of images, this plugin helps to optimize images, you can buy this plugin to website loads faster than you think.

Social snap pro: social snap pro is the social sharing plugin, it can help to drive traffic to many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

These are the top plugins I personally used on my website 


If are you wondering about how to install a WordPress plugin,

  1. Go to the WordPress dashboard
  2. Then go to the plugins
  3. Then click the add new
  4. Then upload your plugging file, and click the install button
  5. After installing click on the activation button

Now, let’s change to another topic,

Step 7: how to start a blog writing for your first article and publish it

write first Blog Post

Are you wondering about how to do I write my first blog post,

So I will help you to write your first blogpost,

 So first of all I appreciate you to make set up your blog post in WordPress,

And now it’s time to make some blogpost for your blog,

For the create new blogpost go to the dashboard, click the post, then click add a new section.

And then you will land on your blog post, and you will easily start writing your blog post.

Now, I will tell you a pro tip on how to write your first blog post

new post

If you are wondering about, how to find some topics for your new blog, then I will recommend you do keyword research about your niche with the help of some keyword research tools, you can easily find the many awesome keywords list easily, and it can be easy to rank with the help of keyword.

Pro-tip: I personally recommend you go with the longtail keyword because it’s easy to rank your blog.

  1. Always try to make a brilliant title for your blog, by using attractive visitors. You can use some numbers and power words.
  2. Always use images to your article to make your article more interesting to visitors,

And I recommend you make your article more lengthy and full of knowledge so that you can make visitors to true fans.

  1. I suggest you make on-page SEO to your blog post, to make rank easily to google.
  2. Always use copyright-free images on your blog post, you can make images on canvas, piktochart, etc.

I think these tips will help you to make your first blog post,

Step8: some tips to make your blog to money blogging(bonus part)

start make money online

In this bonus part, I will tell you some ways, to make your blog post to money blogging,

Before I tell you first I appreciate you creating your first blog post on your blog,

Let’s start it,

These are some ways to make more income to your blog, in this part we will discuss some ideas to make handsome income to your blog,

Are you excited like me?

If yes, let’s dive into the list

promote your blog: this is the one effective and common method to monetize the blog traffic and make money out of it and make bloggers use this method and make a decent amount of money.

Adsense and, are the two leading websites where you can apply for their programs and make money from them.

Affiliate marketing: affiliate marketing is one of the effective and my favorite method to make money online, in this method you can make promote other products from it and if you get the commission from the product, you will get a decent amount of commission from the product owner. 

Selling your course and your product: I know selling something is so difficult path, so before that, you can build some trust in your visitors, after you achieve that you can sell anything to your audience.

Offering service: if you are an expert on anything like web design, create email marketing campaigns, SEO. Etc. you can make a decent amount of money by offering these services.

This is the fastest way to make money easily

There are some ways to make money to your blog post, but always remember that if you really want to make money from your blog be patient, and consistent to do hard work, after some time you can see the massive growth in your blog.

FAQ related to how to start a blog some tips

FAQ how to start a blog

How do I start a blog with no money?

yes, you can also start a blog with a free platform like blogger, but personally do not recommend you if want to create real money from your blog.

Does it cost money to start a blog?

for your first blog cost is around 3.45$ if you use the blue host, but I personally recommend you to go with the one-year plan to get the special discount

How do I start a blog and make money?

beginners can start with affiliate marketing, absence, and to make money.

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