how to create a youtube channel and make money for beginners (2022)

If you are thinking aboutb how to create a youtube channel and make money for beginners, Then it’s a great choice because everyone wants to work digitally and make more money through youtube. Youtube is now 2nd most popular website and 2nd biggest search engine after Google. We have some tips to create a youtube channel and make money for beginners i.e. You need to know the purpose of the channel, Create your youtube channel, verify your account, create a banner, Know your niche, just start recording, and Don’t forget SEO, Get to know youtube analytics, Don’t worry about your Camera and Audio.

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Steps to Create A make money From Youtube business:

  1. Create a new Google account or sign in with your existing one specifically for your YouTube business channel.
  2. Visit the Homepage of youtube and set the name of your youtube channel.
  3. Fill the all additional details on your youtube channel.
  4. Set up your artwork and channel logo.
  5. Fill description of your channel.
  6. Set up activity and featured channel.
  7. Now you’re ready to upload content.

In these points, we explained the creation overview of a youtube channel, Now let’s move to a deep discussion on these steps:

1. SIgn in with google account:

First thing is that Before the creation of a youtube channel, you need to have a Google account.

Now you can either use your existing personal account or create a new google account.

Avoid using or linking your personal google account with youtube. Creating a new google account is good for you because after creating a new account you don’t need to worry about security issues. This is also the best idea sometimes you will be sharing your account with others.

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Keep in mind, that you don’t need to use your business name whenever you create a google account. YouTube suggest you some option for selecting a business name or you can use your own, which we will discuss shortly.

2. Set the name of your youtube channel

After the creation of your google account go to the Youtube homepage. To customize your channel, click on the avatar icon at the top right corner of the screen. Select My channel option drop-down options. You will be reached on the following screen which asks for your first and last name. Youtube also provides the option of using a business or product name for your channel.

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If you are a solo business owner and want to connect with a personal brand, Then create your youtube channel as a brand account.

Click “use a business name or other name” and enter the brand name. Select the name that will similar to with your youtute brand account.

3. Fill the all additional details on your youtube channel.

After the creation of the youtube channel name we are moving to add the additional information of the youtube channel. Select the customize channel option and fill out the important additional information about your youtube channel.

Before uploading any video on your youtube channel you need to upload your youtube channel logo and some artwork related to your business name or youtube channel name. Because it will help in to get a positive response from visitors and get more subscribers to your youtube channel.

channel logo

YouTube Banner Size and Dimensions:

  • Channel icon Youtube recommended as 800 × 800 pixels, which displays as 98 × 98 pixels.
  • YouTube’s Recommended Banner Size is 2560 x 1440 pixels.
  • Minimum image safe area for text and ensigns 1235 x 338 pixels.
  • File size limit: 6MB.

If you wish your youtube banner to seem great whether it’s displayed on the largest-size screen at the complete 2560 pixels width all the way down to the smallest-size phone screen – or any size in between. Otherwise, you’re potentially losing views of your videos and new subscribers.

Since these dimensions are relatively large, you wish to use high-res images instead of pictures that might get discontinued or distorted. this is often where resources like Canva are invaluable as you’ll be able to craft such images within a matter of minutes because of their ready-to-go templates tailor-made for YouTube channels and make money.

5. Fill description of your channel.

Easy to overlook, the “About” section of your profile may be a crucial piece of determiningthe way to create a YouTube channel that trulyends up in long-term leads and followers. Not only is that thisan areato forma private impression of your viewers, but also funnel them to your social profiles or homepage.Grammar CheckCheck PlagiarismDownload Report Download Report.

description of your channel

Channel descriptions don’t need to be rocket science, though. a quick mission statement or welcome message is all that’s really necessary. If you would like to incorporate some links or a call-to-action, go for it. Oh, and don’t forget to feature a business email as an additional point of contact. Download Report.

The last piece of your description is arguably the foremost important. That is, adding in links to your homepage, social profiles and the other places you’d like your YouTube traffic to land. Including these links increases the possibility of your traffic becoming long-term followers of your brand and chances of make money increases.YouTube allows you to feature up to 5 links and customizable hyperlink text up to 30 characters. Download Report.

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