ClickUp vs Monday pricing(The best project management tool 2022)

Clickup Vs monday pricing

Clickup Vs Monday: which is Best Project management software review

Monday and ClickUp are the best and most popular project management tools, both products have the ability to handle multiple projects, transfer files, team collaboration and both are offering agile project management. in this review let’s analyze in full detail.

Clickup Project management tool overview

ClickUp allows managing the project to inform a central location, it’s the cloud-based project management tool. you can use the click for project management, workflow, for creating email marketing campaigns, for making tasks for companies documents for organizations, and many more.

ClickUp dashboard

it’s totally customizable tool you can replace all your productivity software for this single ClickUp application you can handle your tasks, docks, chats, and your project management tool goals

Monday Project management tool overview

Mondays are the visual project management tool that allows managing the projects with your team collaboration, with helps you to achieve your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and help you to achieve your goals easily. dashboard

with the help of Monday, when you have the plan to launch the new projects, plan to write the new book, it can help to manage your plan and build new ideas with communication.

this project management tool has core features for planning the projects, tracking the inventory, time management tracking, goal tracking, workflow automation with the help of this user-friendly interface, and much more options.

1. Top Project Management Software Detailed Comparison

Let’s breakdown in depth the two topmost project management software

ClickUp and Monday Task management

ClickUp and Monday is the topmost project management tools right now in the SaaS industry, both have the ability to team collaboration, file sharing, and handle multiple projects and many more options,

Let’s breakdown all the Features into details

ClickUp Project Management

ClickUp is a powerful project management software, you can easily handle the projects from anywhere you can see the progress in any of your devices like desktop, mobile, laptop, and more.

and here are the top task management features.

ClickUp templates

In the starting, you can choose the different types of templates you can choose for your dashboard for the about your experience and from your based on industry, ClickUp provides you the 128 different types of pre-built templates.

ClickUp project management

Great news that they have already a readymade template to manage your project, with custom fields and you can edit with the help of the different types of layout and many more.

every project manager with the help of hierarchy needs to manage your project to easy easily with the help of this tool.

That components include to the top from the bottom:

  • Workspaces
  • spaces
  • Lists

Workspace is like for the office, that’s everything related to the Officeworks when you have the space of workspace then you have the option to categorize the different types of departments, works, teams, and many more.

you can help to manage your work with the list that will help to manage group related task

This project management model sounds familiar it’s so similar to project management software like Trello, you will put them into the folder if you want to create group related list.

Here is the ClickUp Dashboard

ClickUp project management template

Here is the list of tasks with the spaces:

ClickUp taskList

You can also drop comments directly to everyone in the loop of the conversations as well as you can assign tasks to as many teams members you want, set recurring tasks, and set due dates and status, you can use the label prioritize for using color code flags.

ClickUp tasks

You can visualize your tasks in so many different ways, you can choose the best format that suits your project.

there are different types of views formats are a List view, 

there are different types of views formats are a List view, Box view, Docs view, Calendar view, Mind Maps, and Gantt view.

ClickUp task management List

ClickUp provides you the tables, embedded charts, and other sources like google sheets and it the time taken

It also provides specific time estimates based on the work involved and inputs like members working, complexity, and priority. Additionally, it enables time-tracking across multiple devices for client meetings, development, and many more.

ClickUp Gantt chart

you can create your folder, lists, tasks, subtasks, and visualization to plan to ensure your tasks are completed in time which is especially useful for scrum teams that use Agile.

the project management tool also helps to create budget management, tracking your expenses, requirement management, project planning, and the team is enabled to track your real-time status and tells the overall progress in your project.

ClickUp time tracking

they have so many resources if you are stuck somewhere they will provide you the webinars, short videos, articles, self-help onboarding videos, and so many resources to take your knowledge in deeper dive. Project Management

Monday is a powerful and well-known project management tool, with this tool you can easily collaborate with your team and it provides a holistic way to complete your tasks and analyze your progress, resolve issues faster and analyze your points.

Like ClickUp, Monday also has the library workflow templates, with the help of these templates you can easily set up your workspace, that library has so many ready-to-use project management templates to choose from by your task.

Five inbuild project management templates on Monday

  • Project requests and approvals
  • Advanced single project
  • Advanced project management
  • Work calendar
  • Project requests and approval

every template works in different scenarios

Monday advance project management

That Advance management template helps to manage the complex tasks and projects and budget tracking project tracking, resource allocation, and risk management.

your can import your data from different platforms like Trello, Google exel, Asana, Jira, Basecamp, and more.

monday views

you can assign your task with your team as well as set color-coded labels to mark your project, set due dates, prioritize your tasks and track your progress in real-time.

You can also visualize your tasks in different forms of layouts, Monday provides you the deadline notification for your important tasks the sharable task module helps you to complete every week’s accountability.

you can do your tasks in so many layouts that are Gantt view, Timeline view, Files view, a Map view, Workload view, Chart view, Kanban boards, List view, and more. they can also provide you-specific tags for certain tasks and real-time progress update tasks.

2. Projects and Goals Tracking

If you want to track your Goals and collaborate with your team, integrate with these project management tools.

Let’s compare how ClickUp and Monday handle in this department

ClickUp Project tracking

ClickUp helps you to break down your Measurable targets and also helps you to create your goals, it can help to track your goals in real-time. you can assign your goals and give access to so many members you want.

For specific goals, the goal owners can set up and maintain accountability. if you want reviewers and watchers then you can allow them to access to track the goals.

ClickUp project tracking

it gives an explanation of how to track your goals and how to achieve that goal, then next you break down your goals to your target, targets give you the measurable results then composed by the goals.

you can choose the name of the target, you can also choose the number of the target for example; a scale of 1-10, true or false, percentage, and many more.

ClickUp project tracking

you can measure your target with currency or tasks.

To complete your milestone it’s a great option to break down your tasks, goals, and keep track of your targets. your can also highlight your important task on your home page and it will help you to remind the schedule for each day.

ClickUp makes tasks easier to observe and track your obstacle and helps to provide key results and provides that tactics and tasks how long we can achieve your task.

ClickUp is not only given information about tasks and subtasks, but it also allows how to set up and track milestones between important tasks, provide quick fixes, and identify your challenges to ensure your target is met.

ClickUp Rollup

it has to be so many options on how to determine your team to utilize your time, it has rollup features on how to handle different types of tasks and subtasks.

You can include and subtract your time for the requirement of your task.

ClickUp users also add widgets for theme management

  • Time Status: it shows how much time spend in your project or workspace.
  • Time estimate: it can add time estimate in your taste or workspace.
  • Time estimate RollUp: it can calculate the total time estimate based on your task.

you can also make the custom timesheet in build in the dashboard, with the help of this sheet you can track your workday, week, month, or custom range on your time.

ClickUp Timesheet

You can not only track your just regular project, ClickUp makes work easier to track the project segment billable and nonbillable project and see estimates.

Another bolus is the ClickUp chrome extension, with the help of this extension you can record time and track your project from your desktop, mobile, or any web browser. Project tracking

Monday provides the different verticles into the specific workspace to manage better project tracking, you can dive your workspace in so many various boards.

it provides sharable boards, you can share these boards with external partners, and you can use the private boards for private use or the boards can accessible only for members of your team.

Monday Project tracking

these boards consist of different columns, you can use different columns to project tracking. you can also you’re the comparison percentage of each topic.

you can schedule tasks and move the task into different groups, the proportion to status of the task change automatically, for example, if your mark the status as a done the automatically status column mark as done.

ClickUp timeline view

This is also viewing the workload view that shows how your team’s work is divided, you can also see your team member working over their capacity, then you will assign the next task according to their capacity, you can also reassign and rearrange the deadlines.

Clickup workload

Mondays template library also provides the resource management workflow that helps to manage every project asset, including employees.

Winner: ClickUp

ClickUp is the winner because of this extensive range of tools of time management and widgets.

3. Automation

Automation is the best way to increase your productivity in your business without spending more time working, it helps to manage the task for running your business.

Let’s here compare ClickUp and here.

ClickUp automation

This automation feature helps you to increase your productivity in the redundant task, to help combine your automate your project management task.

you can see the number of automation recipes at the top right corner. as you want you can delete/add the recipes. It’s a great example you can add some watchers in a particular task.

Based on different categories you can add ready-to-use automation including dates, creation, dates, etc.

ClickUp automation

when the automation is fully set up then you can choose the host of the trigger based on your requirement.

when the trigger is set up then the button is activated then you can choose the host action that what to take.

ClickUp automation example

The work has started when you will take your task on your priority bases, any time you want you can create your workflow automation.

ClickUp also allows you to create the automation in third party integration of creating the issue on Github for example you can send SMS messages and email when the task due dates arrive. Automation

Monday provides you with the pre-made automated trigger that helps you to make your work easier.

Similar the CliUp you can create so many different types of templates on the base of so many different categories. you can automate this type of center Status Change, Recurring Tasks, Due Dates, Item Creation, and more.

For example, your number is greater than your particular value then you can go to change the task status for some time.

you are able to locate your automation, just for your requirement. you can change your items or boards based on your upcoming projects due dates assign tasks and much more.

the manager is also managing the various items on boards you can set up your trigger SMS or email, so the project management tool is set up all the latest notifications.

Winner: its Draw

4. Project management : reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics are an integral part of the project management tool, you should be able to get the full details of reporting and analytics insights of their project to get and analyze your team member productivity and more.

For some reason, so many project management software does not show separate reporting and analysis features.

then let’s see how ClickUp and Monday perform there.

ClickUp Reporting and analytics

ClickUp is one of the project management software that provides the full details of reporting analytics and full reports by your team members, which helps to refine whos working on that project.

you can change the time frame to choose by the slot, to take the exact loot at the particular space.

for the start, you can see the all report of your project by each team member.

ClickUp projact report

you can see your work on the report after completing your work report.

this report gives you the progress made by your own team members in each task, these filters help you to find how much time you manage each task.

these points are called “team points” that points give the team number, it’s like gamification with the added comments, based on cleared notification, comments resolved, task complete with the number of tasks worked on you will get the points.

ClickUp work report

the reposts give you the idea of who id work faster and who give the quality of work, these reports provides you the tons of based on other reports who is behind the report, time estimation report, and time tracked report.

who is behind the report helps you to finds who are falling behind or where they are lagging, it’s so convenient to identify your roadblocks and Improve your team collaboration.

this report helps you to create your future plan and make your road mapping to create your future.


you can also add your virtual analytics report to your dashboard, to help to give a quick overview of your project status on a weakly basis and more.

ClickUp gives you the best reporting and analytics functionality with the comparison of other project management software in markets.


In ClickUp you will get the most advanced report in only paid plan in the free version you will get only information about your complete projects. Reporting and analytics

Monday is also provides the same reports As ClickUp but it also adds a chart report system that helps you to give the analytics sides of the workspace.

you can choose so many types of charts from their gallery including the pie chart, gallery chart, etc.

Here is the example:

Monday chart view

you can also select and fully customize your chart.


you can also get your teams to work and with the bits of help of this, you can find how to divide using Monday’s workload view.

Winner: ClickUp

With the more types of analytics Features, ClickUp is the clearly Winner

5. Third Party Intigration

Without the help of the right third-party tool, you will never reach your actual productivity in your goal, Both ClickUp and Monday have the marketplace with the help of this you can collaborate the third-party tool or add the plugin into this software.

ClickUp Third-party integration

ClickUp allows the third party integration over the 1000 third party business tools that help to achieve your goals, you can collaborate with every popular business tool in the market.

the popular third-party integration business tools are Github, Dropbox, Gitlabs, Webhooks, Outlook, Google Drive, Youtube, Vimeo, Google Calander, other more tools.

You can also make your custom make third-party integration tools with ClickUp API, another option with the help of Zapier to get more integration options. Third-party integration

Monday allows the integration of the top CRM software, marketing platforms, top project management platforms, software development solutions, and many more.

Monday’s most popular third-party integration tool is Outlook, Microsoft teams, Google Drive, Google Calendar, one Drive, Zapier, and many more.

you can also combine your automation with third-party integration tools using Monday pre-defined recipes when the notification change to done notifies everyone in the channel.


in these features helps to streamline your work and get more achievement in these limited time.

Winner: its Draw

6. ClickUp vs Monday Pricing and Plans

ClickUp Plans and Pricing

ClickUp offers the four different types of plans and models

  • Individual Plan (free forever): Unlimited Users, Unlimited tasks, Unlimited costom views, five workspace, 100 types of automation per month.
  • Unlimited (5$ permonth/billed annually): Unlimited Users, Unlimited tasks, Unlimited costom views, unlimited workspace, 1000 types of automation per month.
  • Business(9$ per month/ Billed annually): everything in the unlimited plan plus the 10,000 plus automation per month, goal folder, time in status, granular time estmates etc.
  • Enterprise(custom plan): Everything in the Business plan + 250,000 automation recipes per month, Tableau web connector, priority customer support, dedicated customer success manager, and many more.
ClickUp-pricing Plans and Pricing

Monday provides so many types of plans and pricing types with provides every type of business like small business to large enterprises business.

Monday provides the five types of pricing plans

  • Individual Plan (Free): Provides Up to two seats, 1000 items, 500MB of storage, etc.
  • Basic($8 roller per month/billed annually): Provides all features of the Individual Plans + individual free viewers, unlimited items, unlimited projacts, IOS and android apps, priority support etc.
  • Standard($10 per month): Provides all features of the Basic plan+ Timeline and Gant Views, Calender Views, Guest access, 250 automation per month, dashbords contens 5 boards etc.
  • Pro($16 per month): All features of the standard plan+ Private Boards, chat Views, Time tracking, Formula column, 25000 automation action per month,create dashboards contens 10 boards.
  • Enterprise plan(coustom based): Includes all features of pro plan+ Enterprise plan automation, and third party intigration, advance reporting and analytics, create dashboards and combine 50 boards etc.


using these project management tools helps to grow your business The tools provide the solution in their managers and also employs these projects are moving forward with better productivity.

ClickUp and Monday are the two topmost project management tools, they provide an extensive range of solutions, its easy to use they provide mobile apps for IOS and android versions, which proves the high-level knowledge base and video tutorials for beginners and advanced level of knowledge.

But you should pick one based on your requirements and your preference.

Use ClickUp If:

  • If you want to get full details on your project and the project progress and see the team productivity.
  • if you want to need time tracking features.
  • Advance automation Features

Use Monday If:

  • if you need the advanced automation features
  • you need the insights and details from your project workload
  • if you handle the medium and large size business
  • if you want to manage your personal goals

This is the ClickUp and Monday Comparison, which tool are you planning to use let’s discuss it in the comment section.

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