Serpstat Review (2022): Best Affordable SEO Keyword tool for Bloggers

Serpstat Review

Today in this Serpstat review we will discuss and take a deep dive into the Serpstat SEO keyword analysis tool for Bloggers.

SEO is the most important thing for Bloggers and we found that during the years online business is to make more competition make website keyword rank harder and Harder, and competition increasing day by day.

In this Serpstat SEO tool review, we will discuss how SEO tools work. and discuss all of these audit tool features in SEO. we are also discussing the pros and cons of Serpstat to help to grow your business with the help of the right tool, you can find the best keywords research tools for Bloggers

There are the 1900,000,000 no, of the websites in that time in the world, and growing on and on.

and hows you can decide your website can fount in google search engine comes in.

with the help of SEO, you will help to rank in the search engines, it’s a bit of hard work and the bit of Luck to rank your website organically on Google’s first page of results.

Ranking on the First page of Google you can save thousands of dollars in paid advertising and if you are successful to make a rank in your target keywords you will make attraction to your potential customers.

Are you looking for what I am offering the opportunity for you, don’t miss out.

So, we have discussed how SEO keyword research is so important to rank your site and for your business. Let’s get start the Serpstat review to see how this keyword research tool is improving your SEO audit and growing your business faster than your think.

Serpstat Review: Is Serpstat is Best for Keyword research for SEO?

Serpstat Review

In this Serpstat all-in-one SEO tool, you will grow your SEO, wherever you are an SEO professional, Business owner, or SEO agency. with the help of this tool to make your organic traffic.

The great option of Serpstat is you can make the entire website SEO process automatically, save your valuable hours every month.

Serpstat was founded in 2013, it was basically is SEO Keyword research tool. but in august of 2016 Serpstat is become the all in One SEO tool. ita Growing unpredictable over 200,000 users are actively handled in that time. and it’s trusted by the top brands like Shopify, Lenovo, and Yves Rocher.

in the Serpstat there are Important aspects for your SEO to Work on.

  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Site Audit Tool
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Rank Tracking Keywords

In this tool, you can track everything you need in one place, you can research your competitors with the help of this tool and see whats your competitors work doing. and find more Opportunities to rank your site faster.

Some Features of Serpstat

  • On-page SEO audit
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword Rank tracking
  • Competitors Tracking
  • Advertising Analysis
  • White Lable Report
  • customer Support
  • Serpstat Academy

As you can see how Serpstat Works and hows all of the Features help your SEO Works. and all of that works for you. Let’s Deep dive into all of the Features.

Keyword Research tool

Serpstat Keyword research tool

Serpstat keyword research tool helps to research the keywords for your SEO and PPC campaigns, once you will enter keywords then you will give the list of organic keywords or word phrases around for your related Keyword. each keyword difficulty has been shown around keywords you will choose easily for the less competitive keywords.

with the help of the Serpstat keyword research tool, you can define easily keyword monthly search volume, cost per click (CPC), competitive analysis, and a number of search results, also provides long tail keywords its the great opportunity to rank your site to what peoples search related for related to your product and services.

Serpstat Keywords Trends

you can find the international data by searching for your keywords by country selection.

you can also analyze keyword trends, you can also compare the fluctuation trends for last year. this graph helps you to get great decisions to grow your plans and campaigns.

SEO Search Analysis

serpstat helps to find a great way to analyze your main competitors with particular keywords, you can view easily your organic and paid keywords easily.

serpstat also provides you the search results for each keyword and also provides you the useful keyword data and provides the potential traffic score, as well as allow you to see the website for higher ranking keywords.

you can also see all the keywords that where competitors are ranking easily for comparing your website to your competitors to analyze where you are missed out. you have the option to add any domain if you want to wish the monitor and need to know about that keyword that will help to see all your campaigns and performing keywords.

Advertising Keywords Analysis

with the help of Serpstat, you can research the keywords and adverts your competitors to help to find their highest performing keywords to get the best results, you can help the data to outrank your competitors.

if you want to make to start your advertising campaigns, it’s a greater idea to analyze your competitor’s advertising campaigns to get ensure your get the higher ROI to your advertising campaigns. Serpstat helps you to analyze your competitor’s advertising campaigns.

And if you want to localize your advertising campaigns you can find the keywords by target base location to find which keywords are searching for the specific country to help you to find the right keywords to target for your specific country base.

Content Marketing Ideation

you can find your relevant or related keywords that people are searching for a brand that’s relevant to your brand, once you can create content then you can track your shares on social media like Facebook to get an idea of hows your content gets popular compare to your competitors.

Serpstat Content Marketing Ideation

as you can compare domain vs domain comparison tool to get the direct comparison of your competitors’ domain side by side, it can provide your competitors all details for your competitor’s efforts for SEO and PPC analysis and use them in your SEO strategy to outrank your competitors. Rank Tracking for SEO

One the daily basis rank tracking tools helps to see your own and your competitor’s web page ranking analysis report and helps to analyze how well their keywords rank in any country that you choose for Google and Yandex as well.

with the help of Serpstat, you can easily share your SEO and PPC projects with your team by you giving their own login report. you can automate the reporting process by saving time, with the Serpstat unique algorithm automatically saves the data for the first 100 domain reports for each of your saved keywords.

On-Page SEO audit report

On-page Seo Audit report helps you to analyze easily any website in-depth, you can find and fix any issue in with you are ensured your on-page SEO is fully Optimized, you are looking your competitor’s website and analyze any downfall and find new opportunities and apply in your blog or website.

Serpstat Site audit

In this ON page site SEO audit report they can provide the overall score with your website including Broken Links, Duplicate content Page, Problems in Images, Speed issues, Missing Page, and many more.

Serpstat Review: Infographics and reports

you can see all your campaigns and the success of your campaigns in a few clicks, they are providing email alerts to help you with any particular changes of any URLs and Keywords that you are tracking, with you can see all reports with your User dashboard.

Serpstat Report and Infographics

It the all of the visual diagrams to help everyone who is new in digital marketing and makes understand reports easily or troubles to understands report at the first time.

whatever you are working for your boss or your clients, you can create easily a professional-looking report with your company label to present of them for a great impression.

Serpstat Report and Infographics

these reports are Fully customized and make the company logo and company name, there have no limits on how many company reports are you make. you can handle your multiple clients easily.

Serpstat Review: Backlink analysis

Serpstat Provides you the Backlink analysis report for any Url in some clicks, your can monitor your competitor’s websites and analyze your competitor’s backlinks to check their backlinks are coming from.

Their Backlinks reports provide you with the quality score with their referring domains to help to see the most reliable source to create the Backlinks and avoid any penalty from Google.

Serpstat Review: Pros and Cons

In this Serpstat review, we will discuss Serpstat Pros and Cons comes to the Serpstat Features, and it’s really important for you, Lets Look

Serpstat Pros:

  • All tools in One place For SEO
  • Really Affordable Pricing
  • Free trial available
  • Easy to understand the Infographic report and Detailed analysis
  • website Audit Fast and accurate easily quice suggestion for improvement for your On-page SEO report.
  • Easily to understand user interface or dashboard

Serpstat Cons:

  • Sometimes customers support system has been slow
  • the keyword difficulty occasionally inaccurate for some users

Serpstat Pricing and Plans

Serpstat has different Price ranges you can go with the lite, standard, advance, and enterprises.

there have also a free plan with a low daily usage limit, you can sign up with a Google account, Facebook account, or email address for your daily search query with 30 days Free trial.

Serpstat Pricing

its Paid plans have higher limits access with so many features.

The Lite plan has $69/month with 4000/queries per day, 10,000/ weeks results per report, and 500,000 export rows per month, with includes basic features, related keywords, missing keywords, and in-depth keywords analysis reports. this plan is suitable For SEO agencies or SEO professionals with not actually include team management.

Next is the standard plan, this plan starts at $149/month with includes everything in the lite plan with a higher limit of 5,000 queries per day and 30,000/weeks results per report, this plan does not white label report including and with team management up to 3 team members.

In advance Plan, starts at $299/month with includes Standard plan features with extra limits, including 8,000 search quires per day, 150,000 tracked keywords, 12,50,000 page audit limit, and team management 5 team members with includes call support when you need it.

In the Enterprise Plan, we have the maximum limits in all features, with up to 7 team members limits. this plan is always open with white label reporting.

Serpstat Review: Conclusion

Overall to see in this Serpstat review this is a great tool for SEO and PPC, this tool has great for the Digital marketing field on behalf of their own company or behalf of their clients.

Is it worth the money? Absolutely. 

Serpstat is the affordable option than some of the kind of SEO tools there and it does not compromise in their quality its interface is easy to understand for beginners in SEO, Serpstat makes it easy to report your competitors and learn from that are doing for you can take the opportunity for your competitors as well.

Serpstat site audit feature is the Best Feature, it can give quick information on what you need to do in On-page SEO it gives clear action to improve your On-page SEO and make the changes you needed.

Serpstat review: Frequently asked questions

Who is Serpstat made for? 

Serpstat is made of the run the Business and takes advantage in search engine optimization and PPC, as well as digital marketing agencies, take helps to generate more traffic to their own or clients’ websites.

What is an organic keyword?

Organic keywords help to attract traffic organically in search engines.

Should I hire an SEO specialist?

Having an SEO specialist is really Helpful, but it also is very costly if you have a missing keyword you should target easily but you don’t know how to do SEO research and that it’s mean you have a lot of money on the table.

Can Serpstat help me set up an SEO strategy?

with the help of Serpstat, you can gain information about keyword analytics reports in an SEO campaign and keyword suggestions on tools put together the best strategy in Serpstat.

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